Coronavirus not Enough to Stop Demo-2 Launch

The coronavirus has brought several effects to the space industry. After its initial emergence, open operations from NASA to SpaceX were shut down to allow for the curve to flatten. However, recent news from the sector shows that the plan to launch the Demo-2 is underway. 

An analysis of the reservation of hotels made on May 23rd shows that a variety of Space Coast resorts will be empty on May 27th, particularly those in the metropolitan areas of Cocoa Beach and Titusville. These establishments usually fill out during such a big event.

There are also small screening options available. NASA plans to reopen the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on the day after the scheduled demonstration. The Kennedy Space Center remains closed since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Delaware North, the company which continues to operate the complex and offers touring opportunities even for a pretty mundane liftoff, announced that it would not provide public viewings for the Demo-2. 

Bridenstine asserts that the agency is taking necessary steps towards safety. During the briefing, Bridenstine and everyone else was six feet apart.  The members of the media briefing, usually accustomed to sitting in close quarters in the dais, were scattered all over the stage to follow the social distancing rules. He retorts, saying, “We came in wearing our helmets here; however, there is a concern looking into how many people will visit to watch the launch.   For a long time, Bridenstine advised people to stay at home. He also suggested the launch is viewable at home through NASA’s website and social networking sites, NASA expects to receive unique “internet visitor” materials.

The agency emphasizes reminding its visitors not to visit the Kennedy Space Center, so I’m going to claim that I’m sorry just to claim it. During this year’s May 1st press briefing concerning the Mission, Bridenstine reported that the primary concern during the launch is the possibility of spreading the COVID-19 virus during the mass meeting.

Mixed communications received from government authorities in the Space Coast district of Florida show that possibilities lie both ways.  Bridenstine states that the agency why looks to restore operations in the Florida based Space Centre for human space flights. However, there is a need to understand the importance of caution while visiting the historic launch on the site. He further reports that there are adequate amounts of space along  Florida’s 72-mile shore and encourages tourists to prepare beforehand while exercising the rules of social distancing. 


The reason why SpaceX is significantly essential to the US

Three administrations – George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald J. Trump – were sufficient. After approximately ten years, the United States was eventually able to put Americans into space through the US-built spacecraft. Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s president, stated at the press briefing on Tuesday: “The lift-off is a rare chance to connect all US citizens in one period and to conclude, see what brilliant tomorrow is.”

Additionally, Jim further stated in a meeting that he had wished this period had arrived earlier. However, Lori Garver, who worked as NASA’s vice manager under the Obama time in office, said she was “truthfully satisfied about how much focus and enthusiasm is provided to the launch, even under the coronavirus pandemic.” 

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the USA deployed astronauts to the lunar surface and designed the first and only space fleet of spatial shuttles worldwide to and from deep space. However, the loss of the Columbia spaceship in a 2003 crash forced NASA to transport cosmonauts one way and back to the International Space Station, relying upon expensive Russian space shuttle. Process innovation is not science, but ideology and law, the substitution that the American Space Program eventually addressed.

NASA transfers the burden for shipping astronauts off to a commercial corporation, SpaceX, one of prolific businessman Elon Musk’s fascinations, rather than producing a shuttle substitute itself. When Mr. Musk’s technicians excel in circling Douglas G. Hurley and Robert L. Behnken during the lift of the day,   the perception of launching people to space will drastically change. 

Mr. Musk’s 9-launcher also designed a modern launcher on the launch platform at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, a similar model featured in the former shuttle flight in 2011. Mr. Hurley and Mr. Behnken will then be flying in a sparrow-winged Model X S.U.V. created by Mr. Musk’s the leading firm. Consequently, the company adapted the Airstream station wagon often adopted by NASA for transporting shuttle staff, rather than moving the shuttle an Astrovan. 

The mission would mark the only time that a commercial corporation would send cosmonauts to space and not a federal space organization. Although crew members are yet NASA astronauts, the department officials might avoid launching if they spotted anything suspicious. Furthermore, it’s a SpaceX command center that checks the sensors, with SpaceX personnel, who will oversee the test. Therefore, the launch of SpaceX presents significant importance to the US. 


Politicians warn that Corona Virus could shrink the space industry in Europe

Seven lawmakers, the European Parliament, are pressing for a recuperation plan for space firms that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. These members wrote a letter to Thierry Bretton, who is the commissioner administering space at the executive branch in the EU, explaining to him that the European sector is estimated to reduce to up to $1.08 billion in 2020, which is correspondent to 12.5% of the industry’s consolidated revenue.

In a 30th April letter obtained by SpaceNews, the parliamentarians stated that the Coronavirus pandemic is heading to a sharp economic downfall and a considerable depletion of international trade, which will have a massive impact on the European space sector. The economic recession may head to a quick capacity and capability loss that will include highly specialized technical and organizational skills, which may take years to reconstruct if the measures not quickly eased.

These seven members are from different countries in the EU, whereby two come from France that is Manual Bompaid and Christophe Grudler. The other two come from Italy that is Massimiliano Salini and Andrea Caroppo, while the remaining three come from Germany name; Damian Boeselager, Portugal name; Carlos Zorrinho, and the Czech Republic (Evzen Tosenovsky).

The members also said that due to the Corona Virus pandemic, it becomes more critical for the European Union to at least commit a 17 billion dollars level to seek its space program for the next six years. Whereby they should include a Corona Virus recuperation plan for Europe in the European Union’s Multiannual Financial Framework, the recovery plan would plan at allowing space-based services that would contribute to the overall economic recovery. They also advised that the European Union mustn’t let Corona Virus slow down the procurement procedure for the Galileo and Copernicus satellite programs.

In an interview with SpaceNews on 6th May, Sonya Gospodinova, the spokesperson to the European Commission, told the SpaceNews that they had received the letter from Breton, and that would give a reply as soon as possible without confirming the exact time it would occur.

On 30th April, Eurospace, which is a European space industry group, published a paper containing the steps European space firms want the European Union to take to help them during the Corona Virus pandemic. These steps include; the European Union becoming a primary customer for space products, the EU absorbing the space industry into the EU security initiatives, and boosting the funding for study and development of space technology.


Virgin Galactic to Feel Coronavirus Impact

Virgin Galactic is the latest company to report its urge to restart operating. This move comes after the coronavirus outbreak. The company is eager to resume its space missions. The company is yet to report any significant challenge since the virus outbreak.

George Whitesides, who is the CEO of Virgin Galactic, states that its employees are currently working from home. It follows an initial reduction in earnings due to the coronavirus outbreak. The company is eager to reschedule its on-site activities. This move is to ensure they do not go bankrupt.

The company’s workers are resuming their tasks, especially in this month. However, there is a slow flow of operations due to health regulations. The company is keen to ensure its members observe social distancing and sanitation measures. George further proves that these measures are in place. He says that one of the test flights is indicative of their success in observing the health measures. He adds that the company is lucky to set up procedures that cover the safety of their team.

Whitesides states that it is still early to estimate the impact of coronavirus pandemic. He says this because their company is entirely operational at the moment. He reiterates the company’s commitment to carry on with its test flights. This move is to ensure their technical team gains the skills and engineering aspects of their operations.

The company is in the process of conducting numerous test flights. For this reason, they are instituting measures to ensure the safety of the final real plane. The company now has less concern for revenue after the outbreak of coronavirus.

Whitesides hopes that the company can fulfill its promise of flying their boss to space. The executives of the company agree that this promise is a hard task to achieve, especially in this season. The company hopes to reduce its expenses to preserve its liquidity.

The company’s ticket sales in February are now their liquid asset. The deposit from these sales is the assurance of the company’s financial position now that it is down. The CEO further retorts that the nature of their customers is a boost for them. He says that refund requests are low because of their disposable income.

Galactic is also planning to render its part of the deal with NASA. The contract entails developing space vehicles for transportation systems. The company is hopeful that they can utilize their tech to advance their spaceship components. 

Finally, the contract with NASA is a sign that the company can maneuver through this pandemic. If the company fulfills NASA’s standards, they will survive this storm. They can be able to utilize their facilities effectively and acquire financial resources.


NASA plans to reopen its centers

At its final stage, NASA reopens the field centers during this moment when the coronavirus outbreak is at the peak. The leadership for NASA Agency announced the reopening would be a gradual process that will vary according to the center’s condition.

On May 6th NASA had an online meeting at the town hall which broadcast took place on NASA TV. The official for NASA, including Jim Bridenstine, who is the Administrator of the Agency, discussed the effort they have to finalize the steps it will take to allow the Centers to slowly return to their operations in the reasonable condition in the next month. Although it will open, most of the employees will continue to telework in the coming future. 

Mr. Bridenstine said that they want to ensure that every person knows their workers’ main priority is to keep the citizens of the US safe. In the past two months, eighteen NASA facilities include the NASA headquarters, ten field centers, and the places that the field center maintains were on either stage three or four on the plans to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.  The response required compulsory telework apart from employees who were providing essential services to such as security and safety on the facilities. 

On the framework that NASA published this week for the workers to return to the site, it had a diagram with the description on how it will slowly move to its normal operation state, for example, the stage for a move where twelve of NASA facilities are currently at stage three and require a downward trajectory on other influenza-like illness and the COVID-19 cases in the prior period of 14 days.

The deputy administrator for NASA, Jim Morhard, said they have tried to issue directions on the directors of those centers. Still, they have given them the ability to make the best plan for their leadership teams. The directors know the facility at each location and that of the people. Mr. Jim added they have guidelines with many considerations that anticipate having an actual evolve situation, which will allow effective plans that put into account the change in condition. 

According to Morhard, the approach will lead to the phased and slowly returning to work and the facilities centers and headquarters with first considering who only works when they are on-site for the mission’s critical projects. Those who will comfortable at home will telework remotely at the same time because of the social distance rule that most may not adhere to in the office.

News Space

US Plans to Launch New X-37B Spacecrafts

The US is in the process of introducing another spacecraft in space. This spacecraft has a higher capacity than the previous ones. It implies that it is going to be easier to conduct experiments than in past years. X-37B, the new spacecraft, is going to facilitate the conduction of space experiments swiftly. Its launch is on May 16 from the Air Force Station in Florida. 

Barbara Barrett, the US Secretary of Air Force, reports that the capacity of this new craft exceeds those of the previous ones by NASA. She assures that the experiments are going to assess the space. The assessment involves the effects of its space radiation on plants and the performance of plants in the outer space.

Barbara further says that another experiment is to determine the transformation of solar energy in space until it reaches the Earth. It is essential to decide on this so that various industries can function effectively. One such industry is the automobile. It hopes that the energy is sufficient for its various operations. The experiment is going to enable other manufacturing companies to obtain essential data on solar power. 

The spacecraft is also crucial since it is going to carry a small satellite, which is for carrying out the other five experiments. These experiments are necessary to understand space properties and determine if it is habitable to host humans. They also test the new tech available to the US.

The mission involves two X-37B crafts, which are products of Boeing. They are vital for carrying out several space experiments. These two are going to communicate and share information while in space. These space shuttles are US ways of testing its machines in space. They are going to report the tests by jetting back to Earth. 

The US hopes to obtain the information so that it can equip itself in space adequately. It also hopes that the tests help to identify methods of safeguarding their military intelligence. 

Gen. Jay Raymond, the US Chief of Space Operations, retorts that the launch of these space planes depicts the country’s ability to utilize its unique technology. He adds that every launch exemplifies their agility to venture space. He says that the advancement in the US technology is necessary to thrive in space. 

In conclusion, the launch of the X-37B space planes suggests that the US is prepared to break its previous space records. It is going to go deeper to obtain additional information to function in space. These missions are going to surpass their previous OTV flights. The US determination to launch the X-37B planes is essential. These planes are going to detail everything necessary in space exploration that is yet to emerge.

Energy News

New Deal Signals prospects for Philadelphia Renewables Plant

The future is rapidly shifting towards renewables. While the world plans a massive shift away from fossil fuels, a renewable energy plant in Philadelphia is receiving a second opportunity to reopen. The window comes after a prolonged court battle that rendered the plant bankrupt. In a recent court proceeding concerning the plant, the judge provided a deal paving the way for the founders to reopen the plant
Renewables producing company Hilco will be in negotiations with Point Breeze Renewable Energy over its 23acre site that has become the bone of contention for the two firms. According to Point Breeze, the land in question is part of a contracted lease to build a biogas plant. The biogas plant was an estimated $120million project that would open new ventures for the Philadelphia based energy company. However, during a court ruling, the judge hearing the case proposed the two parties to chart out an agreement for the site in question. The ruling provides Hilco redevelopment Partners grounds to finish the acquisition of the 23acre piece of land that was initially Philadelphia energy solutions.
During the first agreement, RNG Energy Solutions entered a deal partnering with Philadelphia Energy Solutions on the renewables energy project. A draft was initially presented to the board and accepted. The venture received high praise from the city officials in 2018, and the move to obtain city and state permits started. According to the initial plan, the plant would use renewable-based anaerobic digesters to transform 1,100 tons of biodegradable food rubbish in the Philadelphian region, which would be burnt or transported elsewhere to site sites or incinerators to produce 24,000 gallons of biogas
In a turn of events, Philadelphia Energy Solutions, in turn, claimed insolvency. In that period, power plant operating firm Point Breeze Renewable Energy filed an acquisition of the plant quoting Chapter 11 in July. However, the move to acquire the renewable energy plant did not formally commence until the court finalized the hearing.
According to James Potter, the founder of RNG Energy Solutions, the deal will not negatively affect the biogas plant. Potter further states ascertain that Point Breeze Renewable Energy is in the process of signing a contractual arrangement with Hilco, a move that might see the two firms becoming partners. According to the new agreement, the two parties will decide to discuss a new lease deal after Hilco finishing the acquisition of the refinery.
Potter insisted that his company Hilco has plans to undertake a contract with the proposed partner after the refinery’s purchase goes as planned. The deal negotiations will be on 21st May.


8.9% Electric Vehicle share attained by Germany in one month time

Germany registered 19, 145 electric vehicles in March amidst of Coronavirus lockdown, making an outstanding record score in the market. The entire market record score experienced a drop of 38% year over year. However, the shares of electric vehicles during March made a record of 8.9%, making the annual tally higher with a score of 7.3%.