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Lawn and Leaf Bags Market: Current Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges 2020

Lawn and Leaf Bags Market: Overview

A wide range of lawn and leaf bags are used in the collection of grass, shrubbery trimmings, and leaves. They are typically, recyclable, compostable, and moisture resistant to suit the purpose of curbside collection of leaf and yard trimmings, increasingly in residential facilities. Advent of better kraft and paper materials has led to the more durable and tear-resistant products in the lawn and leaf bags market. Sometimes, high-density corrugated plastics is used. Gardeners, landscapers, and contractors prefer high-volume and high-performance lawn and leaf bags. Over the years, heavy-duty garbage bags have gained popularity.

The major categories used are 5 gallons, 10 gallons, and 30 gallons, and in between. Gardeners prefer lawn and leaf bags especially due to the fact that they are upright, open and stable while filling garden waste into it.

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Some of the end users are lawns and gardens, commercial and industrial users, and domestic uses. Of the various regions, North America and Europe have been prominently lucrative markets. On the back of growing trend of gardening, these regions have gathered momentum.

Lawn and Leaf Bags Market: Key Trends

The report offers a critical assessment of product innovation trends and developments shaping key consumer insights in the lawn and leaf bags market. The study takes a closer look at new avenues in various regions and high value-grab opportunities. It offers supply-side analysis and demand-side analysis.

Rapid pace of urbanization is a key factor boosting the lawn and leaf bags market. This has led to the creation of planned city infrastructure and gated communities. This has spurred lawn and gardening activities in urban regions. Use of better materials has improved the performance of these bags. Further, the rising demand for environmentally friendly composting materials for moist as well as dry refuse disposal from lawn has boosted the uptake.

Strides made by ecommerce channels are offering momentum to the expansion in the lawn and leaf bags market. In developing nations, residential facilities has led to the demand for hedge trimming and landscaping.

Lawn and Leaf Bags Market: Competitive Analysis and Key Developments

Manufacturers in the lawn and leaf bags market are focused on offering simple and effective solutions. They are offering certified compostable plastic bags. Top players are also focusing on meeting the various needs of recycling and composting of yard waste, and have been investment in research and development of new raw materials for indoor and outdoor use. In cost-sensitive markets such as some parts of Asia Pacific, most players are focusing on offering inexpensive options.

Growing awareness of people toward proper horticulture practices has equipped them with better understanding of landscaping. This has spurred prospects for the lawn and leaf bags market. Manufacturers in the lawn and leaf bags market have been leaning on making yard activities more environmentally friendly by making yard waste disposable processes better. Top players are also focusing on offering bags with higher performance to consolidate their positions in the lawn and leaf bags market. Several packaging companies in developing and developed nations have reaped substantial lucrative gains.

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A partial list of key participants in the lawn and leaf bags market is as follows:

  • Bundaberg Bag Company
  • Go-GreenGardening
  • Custom Faberkin, Inc.
  • Dano Group
  • PEI Bag Co.
  • Kapstone Paper & Packaging
  • Mondi Group plc.

Lawn and Leaf Bags Market: Regional Assessments

Regionally, North America and Europe are key markets. The opportunities in the regional market have been propelled by rising lawn activities and growing awareness of the environmental-friendly ways of disposal and composting using lawn and leaf bags. Latin America is expected to be a promising market during the forecast period of 2020 – 2030. Asia Pacific has also seen rise in landscaping activities among residential users, spurring demand.

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