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Digital Transaction Management, Including Blockchain Market – Insights on Scope 2022

Report Highlights

The global market for digital transaction management reached $15.9 billion in 2017 and should reach $44.4 billion by 2022, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.8% for the period of 2017-2022.

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Report Scope:

This BCC Research study on DTM and blockchain was conducted with a global perspective. Market projections were developed for the five geographic regions with market table values in constant U.S. dollars adjusted for inflation. The report provides an understanding of how blockchain and DTM technologies will create new market opportunities. DTM is defined through its key sub-segments that include identity and authentication management, workflow management, e-Signatures and digital asset management.

The report contains –
– A detailed analysis of the technologies used in DTM and blockchain.
– Current and future market projections for DTM and blockchain by region.
– Current and potential applications for DTM and blockchain.
– Current and future market projections for DTM and blockchain by industry.
– Profiles of current industry players in electronic signatures, workflow management, identity, authentication and workflow management.
– A review of the economic/market opportunities for current industry participants and new entrants.

Report Includes:

– 27 data table and 6 additional tables
– An overview of the global market for digital transaction management (DTM), including blockchain
– Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2016, 2017, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2022
– A detailed and comprehensive study of the emerging trends for DTM technology
– Covergae of the recent developments in the industry and discussion of the industry ecosystem and security in digital transaction management
– Overview of the adoption drivers pertaining to DTM technology
– Comprehensive profiles of the major players of the market, including Adobe, Docusign, Gemalto, IBM, Microsoft, OpenText and SIGNiX

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Digital transformation is a major executive initiative in most industries. The priority is to leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society to implement a profound and accelerating transformation of business processes.

Digital transactions management (DTM) is a category of cloud services designed to digitally manage document-based transactions. It facilitates transactions that involve people, documents and data to facilitate convenient and secure processes. DTM focuses on digital execution of business transactions— resulting from the digitization of business processes.

The DTM global market is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of REDACTED during the forecast period 2017-2022, mostly due to e-Signatures and digital asset management applications.This report focuses on the DTM segments, including identity and authentication, workflow management, e-Signatures and digital asset management.