Coronavirus not Enough to Stop Demo-2 Launch

The coronavirus has brought several effects to the space industry. After its initial emergence, open operations from NASA to SpaceX were shut down to allow for the curve to flatten. However, recent news from the sector shows that the plan to launch the Demo-2 is underway. 

An analysis of the reservation of hotels made on May 23rd shows that a variety of Space Coast resorts will be empty on May 27th, particularly those in the metropolitan areas of Cocoa Beach and Titusville. These establishments usually fill out during such a big event.

There are also small screening options available. NASA plans to reopen the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on the day after the scheduled demonstration. The Kennedy Space Center remains closed since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Delaware North, the company which continues to operate the complex and offers touring opportunities even for a pretty mundane liftoff, announced that it would not provide public viewings for the Demo-2. 

Bridenstine asserts that the agency is taking necessary steps towards safety. During the briefing, Bridenstine and everyone else was six feet apart.  The members of the media briefing, usually accustomed to sitting in close quarters in the dais, were scattered all over the stage to follow the social distancing rules. He retorts, saying, “We came in wearing our helmets here; however, there is a concern looking into how many people will visit to watch the launch.   For a long time, Bridenstine advised people to stay at home. He also suggested the launch is viewable at home through NASA’s website and social networking sites, NASA expects to receive unique “internet visitor” materials.

The agency emphasizes reminding its visitors not to visit the Kennedy Space Center, so I’m going to claim that I’m sorry just to claim it. During this year’s May 1st press briefing concerning the Mission, Bridenstine reported that the primary concern during the launch is the possibility of spreading the COVID-19 virus during the mass meeting.

Mixed communications received from government authorities in the Space Coast district of Florida show that possibilities lie both ways.  Bridenstine states that the agency why looks to restore operations in the Florida based Space Centre for human space flights. However, there is a need to understand the importance of caution while visiting the historic launch on the site. He further reports that there are adequate amounts of space along  Florida’s 72-mile shore and encourages tourists to prepare beforehand while exercising the rules of social distancing.