NASA plans to reopen its centers

At its final stage, NASA reopens the field centers during this moment when the coronavirus outbreak is at the peak. The leadership for NASA Agency announced the reopening would be a gradual process that will vary according to the center’s condition.

On May 6th NASA had an online meeting at the town hall which broadcast took place on NASA TV. The official for NASA, including Jim Bridenstine, who is the Administrator of the Agency, discussed the effort they have to finalize the steps it will take to allow the Centers to slowly return to their operations in the reasonable condition in the next month. Although it will open, most of the employees will continue to telework in the coming future. 

Mr. Bridenstine said that they want to ensure that every person knows their workers’ main priority is to keep the citizens of the US safe. In the past two months, eighteen NASA facilities include the NASA headquarters, ten field centers, and the places that the field center maintains were on either stage three or four on the plans to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.  The response required compulsory telework apart from employees who were providing essential services to such as security and safety on the facilities. 

On the framework that NASA published this week for the workers to return to the site, it had a diagram with the description on how it will slowly move to its normal operation state, for example, the stage for a move where twelve of NASA facilities are currently at stage three and require a downward trajectory on other influenza-like illness and the COVID-19 cases in the prior period of 14 days.

The deputy administrator for NASA, Jim Morhard, said they have tried to issue directions on the directors of those centers. Still, they have given them the ability to make the best plan for their leadership teams. The directors know the facility at each location and that of the people. Mr. Jim added they have guidelines with many considerations that anticipate having an actual evolve situation, which will allow effective plans that put into account the change in condition. 

According to Morhard, the approach will lead to the phased and slowly returning to work and the facilities centers and headquarters with first considering who only works when they are on-site for the mission’s critical projects. Those who will comfortable at home will telework remotely at the same time because of the social distance rule that most may not adhere to in the office.