Renault receives record-breaking electric car fleet contract

Renault has received one of the most significant electric vehicle (EV) convoy contracts in the United Kingdom, with vehicle subscription service onto requesting 1,100 pure carbon emission-free Renault Zoe vehicles. 

The Electric Vehicle (EV) order outnumbers the 1,000 firms Vauxhall Vivaro-e electric trick contracts struck between the British Gas and a UK manufacturer, in the past two weeks. 

The recent order from Evezy (now called Onto) that will be conveyed in the next six months is the most significant EV convoy agreement Renault UK has struck and surpasses the figure of the all-electric supermini bought by the company to 1,300. The initial Evezy mission bought 180 to commence its 2017 initiation before it changed and adopted the name Onto in the current month. 

Mark Dickens, the Renault UK convoy director, confirmed to Fleet news that he was thrilled to get the contract with Onto, judging the real potential of the vehicle subscription market.

The crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has seen the desire of the public traveling by public means plummet, while the administration has been aggressively daunting its usage. 

Fixed with this, Dickens states that COVID-19 has changed perceptions of split mobility, at least in the short term, making the subscriptions of car services a further attractive option. 

There have been numerous recent entrants into the vehicle subscription market in the latest months, and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is on the list. The car manufacturer initiated its top vehicle subscription service, dubbed Pivotal in the recent weeks, having a joining payment of 550 Euros and a monthly leasing payment beginning from 750 Euros for a Land Rover Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque, and Jaguar F-Pace. 

The company, Onto, provides a variety of Electric Vehicles for a monthly leasing cost that comprises breakdown cover, insurance, maintenance, and the power used to charge the vehicle, massive gratitude to the addition of an RFID card offering access to the Polar Network charging infrastructure. 

No deposit is needed, and least one-month leasing, with a monthly unlimited mileage of about 1,000 miles, and buyers can decide to change their car for another mock-up whenever they want. 

During a discussion presented by Fleet News on the United Kingdom commerce response to the convoy challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, a panel of specialists confirmed that they would offer an insight into the changes and trends that they are experiencing, before directing motion and discussion among members.