Morocco Resumes Energy development Projects Amidst Pandemic

Major industries around the world are currently suffering as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. However, the renewable energy sector has maintained its momentum.

In Morocco, the government’s decision to introduce a state of emergency on March 20 had a severe impact. Movement of people and cargo has been impossible ever since the decision came. Consequently, dealers in solar apparatus are experiencing a sharp decline in their operations. This decision leads to the cancelation of technological exhibitions and fairs, which are pivotal platforms for networking between renewable energy startups and investors.

Solar Cluster is a Moroccan nonprofit organization that offers support for startups and project leaders—this venture helps to sensitize the development of clean energy and green technology. Solar Cluster plans to help in competency building for entrepreneurs by providing virtual assistance.

Solar Cluster hopes to make a bold move by donating $20,000 to the Special Fund for the Management and Response of COVID-19. The plan is to use the fund to alleviate the economic and social effects of the epidemic in Morocco. 

Fatima Zahra El Khalifa, the CEO of Solar Cluster, is appreciative of the Moroccan government for supporting enterprises that are striving. She also encourages the general public and investors to have a change in their mindset during the pandemic. During the lockdown, some startups are refining prototypes to improve their stake in the market while others are unfolding new solutions.

El Khalifa recently told Finance News Hebdo that: “The pandemic showed importance of the energy independence for our nation as well as the relevance of being able to persevere on the path of being able to promote the green energies, with all its proven advantages.”

Solar Cluster plans to launch a survey for 700 enterprises in the renewable energy sector. The nonprofit organization plans to use the survey to assess the impact that COVID-19 has on companies’ operations. The survey also looks at the perception of the industry’s recuperation.

The government’s initiative also includes support for private parties in prioritizing and enhancing Morocco’s renewable energy sector. A report by the Ministry of Energy shows that many companies from 12 countries have a share of the Moroccan renewable energy market. The report also shows that a number of new companies keep turning up. 

Moroccan and British ministers of energy recently held talks regarding forthcoming bilateral cooperation focused on propagating renewable energies. The ministers also chartered discussions on developing stronger cooperation as well as the significant role that the UK plays in international climate change policy. The UK is looking forward to stirring up investment in renewable energies, which hopes to help Morocco’s transition to clean energy.

Morocco seeks to meet 52% of its domestic energy demand from renewable sources. The country is already leading in transitioning to renewable energy. As it stands, Morocco has reached milestones, such as having the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant.